Kovošrot, sběrné suroviny, odpady Metal scrap


In the field of demolishing manufacturing equipment and constructions we offer professional service preferring promptness, environmentally friendly attitude and meeting customer requirements.
We manage to solve non-standard sophisticated projects at hardly accessible field and high-rise places.

Action statement:

We carry out demolition operations in the field of metal constructions, disposal of iron equipment in buildings, metal factory buildings and their parts destined for demolition, disposal of disabled machinery, manufacturing lines etc.


We use demounting team tooled with i.a. mobile set of technical gas liquids. First the demolished constructions are adapted to proportions usable for motor transport. Consequently the scrap is sorted according to its type within the area of the Metallplast-Recykling Ltd. company and finally modified to proportions required by ČSN (Czech Standard Specification) 42 0030.

In special cases (especially when demolishing the whole steel constructions and compact design or when there is not possible to use autogenous cutting) we use demolition drag-machine with demolition shears.




Ecological disposal of cars

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