Kovošrot, sběrné suroviny, odpady Metal scrap



The main business activity of the Metallplast-Recykling Ltd. company is operating machinery necessary for the collection and sorting of scrap and also for usable by-products processing with a view to return the scrap to the production process.

Running industrial wastes business includes waste collection, transport, sorting and finally recycling. We provide the organizational backup for waste disposal having due license for the collection and purchase of scrap. The waste processing is made according to customers' requirements and the complete product is dispatched to the place of delivery at the end.

We offer consulting service as well, it means making a survey of waste management at client's place, suggesting an appropriate solution and legislative backing.

We provide you with the following services:

  • Purchase of iron and non-ferrous waste
  • Demolition and dismantling operations
  • Disposal of manufacturing equipment, factory buildings, engineering constructions, ships and equipment complexes
  • Modern technology metal waste processing
  • Withdrawing dangerous waste material
  • Making containers available for our customers
  • Ecological waste processing
  • Take-over of the company complete waste management






























Ecological disposal of cars

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